Do you want to know how the internet in the StuSta works? Or did you always want to administrate a server that is actively used by over 2700 people? Are you missing a service? Or is an existing service not working as would expect it? Were your internet access suspended again, because you opened too many ssh connections?

If you answered any of the questions with an yes, you are the right place! Join us!

It doesn’t matter if you have your own server, that you administrate, or if you don’t know anything about servers and programming, you are very welcome to stop by. You only need motivation and some patience.

How to contact us?


You can join our admin chat. We have several channels you can use:

Join one of the channels and just ask. There should be enough admins online to answer your questions.


An eye-to-eye conversation is always better, so feel free to stop by at our Hackerspace. It is a place for every nerd (not only admins), who want to meet and talk about problems, exchange informations or just do nerd stuff. Every first Thursday in a month the Administrator Council takes place in the HaSpa. During the council administrators debate about the future of the network inside the StuSta.

What do we offer?

If you were able to configure your internet connection on your own, you capable to be an administrator and help your housemates, should they face issues during the configuration of their internet connection.

If you want to, you can administrate a server. We have some must-have services for a working connection to the internet (which is used by over 2700 students): Proxy, NAT with a QoS and a DNS. Furthermore there are some services that we offer like Jabber, E-Mail, Backup or Gitlab. If you are missing a service, you can set it up, we are open for any suggestions!