The residence Max-Bill-Straße is moving to a broader range of IP addresses and changing the network management protocol in the rooms to the automatic DHCP. This means more IP addresses will be available in each room, and router setup will be easier.

What you will have to do:

There will be an interruption in internet connection on Saturday, 14.10. To restore your internet access after that time, you will need to change your router settings to DHCP. The easiest way is to factory reset you router. With most routers, this can be done by pressing the “reset” button for more than 30 seconds. Depending on the router’s model, you may need a pen or something thin to reach the button in its hole. After reconnecting your devices to the router, they should connect to the internet automatically. If you changes some of the router settings manually, like a custom wifi name, these changes will be lost with a factory reset. If you don’t know if you changed something you didn’t and can safely factory reset your router.

If factory resetting the router does not work, you will need to change your router’s settings. Instructions how to do this can be found here.