The page performs several checks to detect common network problems.

It is very important to access this page via your StuStaNet internet connection and not via your smartphone.

The checks are performed automatically when you visit the site and ideally they are all positive.

Selftest OK

If you have problems with the site or if you are unsure what to do with the resulting message, please have a look at the following potential errors.

Error 1: Page not accessible

Example: Chrome


Example: Firefox

There is probably a problem with your router configuration or your PC configuration.

If you are not able to solve this yourself, please contact the network admins. Just follow the instructions on the link at the end of the page.

Error 2: External IP

Error: External IP

Make sure you access the page from the network port in your room and not your smartphone.

Please temporarily disable VPNs and proxies.

Error 3: Virus Blocked

Error: Virus Blocked

You’ve been virus-blocked. This can have several reasons. For the reasons why we have to block, if we suspect there might be a virus infection, take a look at the faq.

Please follow the link shown in the error message and follow the steps shown to get unblocked.

Error 4: Not a Member

Error: No proxy configured and not a StuStaNet member

In order to access the Internet from your room, you must either use a proxy provided by us or become a member.

At the moment you don’t seem to have either of them.

To set up the proxy correctly, please follow the link in the error message.

You can find out about the advantages of a membership in the Wiki. Probably the most important advantage for you is that no proxy setup is necessary anymore.

Other Problems:

Unknown Error

Please send us the log of See the support mail page.